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The Foundation


8 S. King Street, Honolulu

Creating and Implementing a Vision for Chinatown for the Year 2050 and Beyond.

The Chinatown Community Development Center was created in 2009 with the purchase of the 8 S. King Building by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Foundation. With the purchase of the building, limited investments were made in creating a large conference training room and a smaller meeting room. These spaces were used for meetings, training and classes for Chamber members and the entire community.

Educational activities are conducted by members of the Chinese Chamber in many business and professional fields. In addition, outside speakers are invited to participate. Some events are conducted in conjunction with the Japanese, Filipino and Korean Chambers of Commerce, thereby increasing outreach beyond the Chinese community. Here is a sampling of educational and outreach activities conducted since 2009.

  • Education Seminars and Workshops. Held with Government Agencies such as the State Department of Health for proper sanitation and food storage when health and sanitary issues arose in Chinatown

  • Classes on Social Media. The use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have a greater impact on Business Marketing and Development.

  • Political Forums. These have been organized for many races including for U.S. Congress and Mayor of Honolulu. Often the events are subsequently rebroadcast on Olelo.

  • Lectures on Community Resilience and Home Preparation. Taught by the University of Hawaii Sea Grant and NOAA and offered for the Chinese, Filipino, Korean, and Japanese Chambers.

  • Community Discussions Series. A series of Community Discussions is offered on topics critical to Chinatown. Most recently the Community Series focused on Transit-Oriented Development Opportunities for Chinatown Economic Growth.

  • Core Courses Curriculum. A core curriculum is offered on a yearly or multi-yearly basis for Chamber members and members of the community. These classes are typically free, as a benefit to the Chamber and the community.


The Visioning Center’s work is a natural expansion of the educational and outreach activities of the training center, with the emphasis on improving Chinatown.

The Visioning Center will work with all Chamber members, the City, other business and organizations to create, refine or implement a Vision for Chinatown of the Year 2050 and Beyond.


Organized by The Chinatown Community Foundation as a community service, these monthly brown bag lunch events were created to share knowledge and teach skills.


Held on the first Wednesday of the month, themes and topics will vary. 


Please check our Events Calendar for what's coming up!

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