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  The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii was founded in 1911, initially to provide service to the merchants in Chinatown, and to assist the immigrant population assimilate into their new community.


Since those humble beginnings 105 years ago, the Chinese Chamber has grown tremendously and now serves as a leader and an active voice for not only Chinatown but the Chinese community in Hawaii.


Today, Chinese Chamber members are active in the community as prominent business, professional and civic leaders who are also patrons and supporters of community efforts and organizations.


The Chinese Chamber’s mission is to promote business and economic development, to preserve our rich cultural heritage and to encourage civic responsibility, primarily through education and outreach. 






    Goals of the Chamber...

  • Promote commerce and industry locally and internationally.

  • Play an active role in community and governmental affairs.

  • Develop and perpetuate social and business relationships with other similar organizations and governmental entities, both in Hawaii and Asia.

  • Help preserve and enhance the character and tradition of Chinatown.

  • Promote the cultural, historic and social heritage of the Chinese in Hawaii. Help members of the Chinatown community contribute to society.

  • Achieve these goals through Community Education and Outreach.






It is an honor to serve as your President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii.  Our goals this year to move the chamber forward are: 

  • Modernize the chamber's business practices and continue to adjust to the post-COVID world with an updated communication strategy and new services and ways we can assist our members.

  • Continue to grow our Young Professionals.  We will provide business mentoring and connections as well as future leadership opportunities for them.

  • Deliver a robust program of activities including more business and member networking events.

  • Continue our effort to revitalize Chinatown, making it a safe and welcoming place for the Honolulu Community.

  • Preserve the Chamber's history and traditions.


 Michael Young

2023-2024 Chinese Chamber President

2023 - 2024 President Michael Young
Chinese Chamber President Michael Young

Join the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and be part of our exclusive organization...

Network, join in cultural events, make friends & make a difference!

Membership levels vary, please click the button below to download a membership application.

For the Young Professional membership application, please visit our Young Professionals page.

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