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Chinatown Task Force

Chinatown Task Force | Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii

One of our focuses from the very founding of the Chamber has been the support of Chinatown. It is our organization's birthplace and we retain the ties to the district today.

The challenges facing Chinatown are well known and we hope to have an impact in improving this historic and still vibrant community. 

If you'd like to be involved in our efforts, please contact us at the Chamber or call us at (808) 533-3181

Chinatown Cleanup

We've started a program of large scale clean up days every few months.


In addition to the Chamber, numerous community groups, businesses as well as the City join together to give Chinatown needed maintenance and cleaning.


Have a group who's interested in helping or want to be part of it yourself?

Chinatown Clean Up Committee

Paint Out Projects

The Chamber has committed to the City to periodically send out a team to paint over graffiti in Chinatown.


Would you like to be part of our team?

Chinatown Paint Out

Weed & Seed

Our Task Force Committee and Officers meet with City Officials regularly to learn what is being done in and for Chinatown, as well as to give our feedback on what we see going on and what we hear from Chinatown businesses & residents.


Support Services & Seminars

We hold free Seminars on Business, Finance and other subjects that affect Chinatown merchants & residents.

In addition, we've done translation of important forms, such as the Government's Business Loan Applications & Instructions during Covid.

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